Kelp Business Guide Materials Available

kelp business guide coverBusiness Planning for Kelp Farming, a 75-page guide and resource listing for new and prospective kelp farmers, is now available. A supplemental Excel spreadsheet and printable pdf, Integrated Financial Planning Model for Kelp Aquaculture, are also available for download.

Created in response to a critical missing tool identified by the National Seaweed Hub Needs Assessment of 2020, it was written by Tammy Warner, professor of management at Keene State University, and Robert Pomeroy, extension specialist emeritus at CT Sea Grant, under the direction of Anoushka Concepcion, CTSG associate extension educator who focuses on seaweed aquaculture.

The guidebook is linked to a flexible financial model (worksheet) which will allow users to see dollars-and-cents impacts of their plans as they evolve. All resources are available on our resources page.

The project was funded by the National Sea Grant Program. 

Paper on Deep-ocean Sinking of Seaweed for Carbon Sequestration

The following Commentary Paper entitled “Deep-ocean seaweed dumping for carbon sequestration: Questionable, risky, and not the best use of valuable biomass”, written by members of the UN Global Compact Global Seaweed Coalition’s Scientific Council, provides the current state of knowledge on sinking seaweed for carbon sequestration.

The authors argue that deep-ocean seaweed dumping is not a biological, environmental, economic, societal or ethical answer to climate-change mitigation via carbon “sequestration”. It is presently not based on sound science.

Seaweed Marketing Toolkit

We at the Seaweed Hub know that marketing can be a barrier to success for many seaweed businesses. As a rapidly growing industry, seaweed presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to create sustainable, innovative products that are in high demand. We’re here to help with tips and tools for your marketing strategy including social media posts and language that’s ready to go!

Seaweed Marketing Tool Kit

Seaweed Hub Overview

The Sea Grant network has established a National Seaweed Hub to serve as a science-based, non-advocacy resource for the domestic seaweed and seaweed aquaculture industry. This collaboration provides a framework to share information, address challenges, identify needs, and find opportunities in this emerging industry.

The first goal is to establish a baseline evaluation on current needs and challenges for all seaweed stakeholders through a formal needs assessment that will inform the creation of work groups to address identified needs and challenges.

The second goal is to bring seaweed stakeholders from across the country to work together to find a path forward in addressing challenges, finding solutions to needs, and pursuing opportunities for growth. This will be accomplished through participation in the first National Seaweed Symposium and continue in Virtual Work Groups.

Virtual Work Groups will be completely stakeholder-driven and comprised of a diverse group of dedicated individuals from industry, regulatory authorities, processors, culinary professionals, researchers, and others who have committed to tackling solutions to barriers that currently exist with making domestic seaweed aquaculture commercially viable. Guided by trusted Sea Grant Extension professionals, Work Groups will determine the next steps needed to move the emerging domestic seaweed industry forward.