General Resources

man holding kelp on a boat

Infographic: A guide to where it is grown and current market outlets

The following infographic provides an overview of seaweed species grown commercially in the United States and their current market outlets. This infographic is free to download.

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National Seaweed Nursery Directory

The purpose of this directory is to identify available sources of seaweed seed for cultivation in the United States. The directory includes facility contact information, available species and other factors related to seaweed seed sources. Updated annually, this directory will serve as a valuable resource to current and prospective farmers, regulatory authorities, and researchers across the country.

2023 National Seaweed Nursery Directory

Seaweed Hub National Needs Assessment

The first comprehensive needs assessment was conducted by the National Seaweed Hub in January 2020 to gather baseline knowledge on the emerging seaweed aquaculture industry across the United States. Results are shown in the following presentation and reflect the overarching challenges and thematic commonalities across sectors.

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Seaweed Hub Report for Seaweed Parameter Testing Resources

The following guide was developed by the National Seaweed Hub’s Post-harvest and Processing Infrastructure work group to provide seaweed producers with a better understanding of specific seaweed parameters which can impact potential end-uses.

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Seaweed Post Harvest Interactive Fact Sheet

The interactive fact sheet can be used when developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) for post-harvest handling and transport from seaweed harvest to sale.

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kelp harvest on a boat in the water

A Kelp Business Planning Tool and Guidebook

A suite of resources, including business planning tools are available for kelp production. The videos, planning guide, and data entry sheet can all help accelerate a business model.